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Anse Source dArgent

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Anse Source dArgent
The archipelago of Seychelles, composed of more than 100 palm tree-studded islands in the midst of the Indian Ocean, is a mostly undiscovered destination for American travelers, largely due to its distant location, some 1,000 miles off the eastern coast of Africa.

Dedicated beachcombers who make the trek will, however, be rewarded with some of the most paradisical shores in the world, where beautiful secluded beaches and idyllic lagoons meet with unspoiled natural landscapes echoing with exotic bird songs. Anse Source dArgent The tiny island of La Digue's picture-perfect Anse Source d'Argent (French for "silver spring cove") is one of the islands' most popular beaches, featuring fine pink sands; towering, weathered granite boulders; and giant, arching palm trees. Anse Source dArgent Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving are ever-popular in these calm, reef-protected waters. Anse Source dArgent A sprinkling of nearby luxurious resorts and spas also beckon, catering to the beach-lovers who make this ultimate beach pilgrimage in high-season — May through September.

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