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Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is #6 in TOP 10 Beaches We Love
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Paradise Beach
If paradise means rambling white sands met by the deep-blue Aegean, beach bars bumping with Euro tunes, bikini-clad bodies dancing on tables, topless girls sprawled on the sand, and an overall hedonistic scene, Paradise Beach on the Greek isle of Mykonos is it.

Come summer, hordes of young travelers come ashore to revel in the sultry thrills and clandestine coves only this beach can offer. Paradise Beach Dotted with thatched umbrellas and lined with bars, shops, and discos, visitors to these raucous sands enjoy the Mediterranean seascape, soak up some rays, and, come late-afternoon, join in a full-blown fiesta right there on the sand. Paradise Beach The music slowly starts to escalate and doesn't typically die down before dawn — just in time for sunrise and a morning nap on the sand. Paradise Beach

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