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Plage Malendure

Plage Malendure is #7 in TOP 10 Beaches We Love
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Plage Malendure
Our favorite black sands are found on the dazzling shores of Plage Malendure, at the base of steep jungle-covered mountains and the towering, still-active La Soufriére volcano on Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe.

The result of a 1976 volcanic eruption, which saw molten lava leave pearly black ash in its wake that now sparkles under the sun, this glittering sandy cove is a primary access point to the large Pigeon Island Underwater Park, considered one of the Caribbean's best dive sites. Plage Malendure Snorkeling and diving exhibitions here visit an underwater world filled with abundant aquatic life and vivid coral and fauna. Plage Malendure On land, a hike from the beach finds the Parc National Guadeloupe, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that encircles the rumbling La Soufriére volcano, where an array of natural splendors, from lush rainforest and tall ferns to orchids and pineapples is found. Plage Malendure

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