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Plage de Tahiti

Plage de Tahiti is #8 in TOP 10 Beaches We Love
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Plage de Tahiti
Sun-kissed St. Tropez, once a sleepy fishing village, has long been the most irresistible of French Riviera resort towns, attracting sunbathing beauties from Brigitte Bardot to Beyoncé.

This Mediterranean mecca of summer beach lounging and late-night partying sees chic scenesters arrive in droves between June and September to stake claim to their own little sandy piece of the action. Plage de Tahiti Plage de Tahiti, one of the northern beaches along the Baie de Pampelonne, is one of the best spots to bask on golden Mediterranean shores and soak up the carnival atmosphere created by flamboyant and fashionable beachcombers. Plage de Tahiti Note that the prudish needn't apply, as this haunt is notorious for itsy-bitty and teeny-weeny bathing gear. Plage de Tahiti Aside from the sun-soaking and people-watching, the beach is also conveniently lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, to boot.

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